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Enhance Your Patient Satisfaction

Safely send your patients their ultrasound images and clips of your choosing electronically

Bellybaloo is free for providers and HIPAA-Compliant

You retain full control, choosing exactly what ultrasound images and clips to share, while we ensure that all medical data surrounding the images is diligently excluded for privacy.

Our platform is designed to make sharing special ultrasound moments a breeze, all while upholding the highest standards of privacy and data protection.





Your sonographer can ask your patient if they would like Bellybaloo and then enters patient's cell phone number into designated field in the machine. The sonographer chooses which images to sent to the patient and they can send them during the scan by using the designated print button or after the exam is complete.

Offer Bellybaloo to your patients

1. Create an Account

Once an account is created, follow our steps to install Bellybaloo on a computer that's on your office's network.

2. Set Up Your 
Ultrasound Machines

Add Bellybaloo as a destination on your machine(s) and assign a print button for Bellybaloo. Set up as many ultrasound machines in your office as you'd like!

Getting Started is Easy

I definitley think Bellybaloo has increased our patient satisfaction because when patients come in, they ask for it.

Tamara C. Takoudes, MD, FACOG

Boston MFM

Frequently Asked Questions

  • We believe in enhancing patient care and making it easier for parents to access their ultrasound images, so we don't charge providers any fee to use our service.

  • Bellybaloo takes patient privacy very seriously. We adhere to all HIPAA guidelines in the handling and transmission of ultrasound images. We also make sure to remove all medical data from around the ultrasound images and clips that you choose to send.

  • As a provider, you have full control over what ultrasound images and clips to share with Bellybaloo. You can choose to share as many or as few images as you see fit for each individual patient. Some of the Bellybaloo users favorites are: baby's profile, hands and feet, spine, heartbeat, and any movement that can be captured. 

  • No, Bellybaloo is designed to be easy and quick to use, adding minimal extra time to your appointments. It's as simple as entering the patient's phone number or email address into the ultrasound machine and using the designated print button to send images and clips during the scan.

  • You can determine how quickly your patient's will be able to view their ultrasound inside of your dashboard. While most of our accounts prefer a 1-hour hold time before the ultrasound is released to their patients, you can set a short or longer hold time. 

  • After the ultrasound exam is finished, log into your dashboard and within the “Studies” page, you can find your patients exam and delete it. You will just have to go back into the ultrasound machine and resend any images and clips you would like your patient to receive.

  • Yes! Once you’re done scanning your patient, you can find the exam in your machines archive, select what you would like to be sent, click “Dicom Send” and select Bellybaloo as the destination.

  • Our team is always here to help. You can reach out to us at with any questions or concerns and we'll be happy to assist you.

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